Chase Day – Black-tailed godwit

By Terry Ferguson

Black-tailed godwit. Photo by Greg Cook

Yesterday about 10 a.m. a Black-tailed godwit was reported in Texas. A first time record for Texas. Not only was I excited about it, I was relieved that it was within a 6 hour drive. I’ve been known to drive 9 hours, see a bird, turn around and go home. So, six hours? A cinch.

Left work at 11 a.m. Drove with another crazy birder for a little over 6 hours. Survived the Houston rush hour and arrived at the destination. Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. About 15 others were there with binos and scopes. Got out, walked up to a dear friend’s scope pointed at the bird. Stayed 15 minutes, turn around and retraced our drive. Arrived home in time for a few hours of sleep before heading into work.
At the end of a chase, I’m glad to add another bird to my life list, grateful to arrive home safely and always amazed at the variety of species that God has created.


  1. Irene · · Reply

    Wish I had your enthusiasm for birding. But I do appreciate all things created and thank you for sharing. LU Irene

    1. Thank you, Ms. Irene. I’m enthusiastic about all things nature thanks to my parents taking us camping all across the U.S. during my younger years.

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