Do you react like a Wood Stork?

English: Wood stork (Mycteria americana) flyin...

Wood stork at Green Cay Wetlands near Boynton Beach, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a fish touches a wood stork’s open beak, it snaps shut in 25 milliseconds. This reaction time is one of the fastest of any animal.

When I’m in a difficult situation, I pray I respond as quickly by looking Heavenward.

As I was walking to the post office through a parking lot one afternoon, a motorcycle sped around me much too fast as the driver turned a sharp corner. Immediately, the motorcycle reacted by turning on it’s side and skidding 50 feet on the graveled concrete. I watched in horror as the left side of his entire body, including his head, skirted across the uneven pavement. If he hadn’t hit a curb, the skid would have continued. The tire bounced, shot the bike skyward and jumped back 2 feet. Still on its side, the bike came to a stop, motor still running.

Before his screaming girlfriend reached his side, I was on the cellphone dialing 911.  A nearby nurse from the pool area ran over. After getting the address from me, the 911 operating began peppering me with questions.  Was he conscious? No.  Was he bleeding? Everywhere.  Without a helmet on, a pool of blood had already developed around his head. The on-site nurse asked for someone to bring towels. The girlfriend was still screaming.

Through my phone, the emergency person heard sirens approach. We signed off.  The group of bystanders increased. The girlfriend continued to scream. Others came to her side.

I stepped back and began praying. I continued until the emergency helicopter took off from a nearby field with his still unconscious, limp body. This stranger stayed in my prayers for weeks.

Having witnessed the accident, placed the emergency in good hands, I did the only thing I knew I could–sought God’s divine intervention in a situation that looked bleak. Although I made the 911 call first, as soon as possible, I reacted like the Wood stork and made a 911 to God.

Perhaps you’ve witnessed a similar situation. What took place  and was your immediate reaction to bring God into focus?

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