Bald Eagle Building

Bald eagle on its nest

Bald eagle on nest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you seen a Bald eagle nest? The first year an eagle’s nest is built, it may be as small as 4 ft. wide. But return to view the same nest the next spring and you’ll find it’s expanded. The majestic eagle enlarges the same nest every year by adding additional leaves, moss and large sticks. A single Florida nest was recorded at 200 ft. deep, 9 feet wide and weighed almost 3 tons.

Although I was saved at a young age, my relationship with Christ continues to mature, not only as I study His Word, but during the life He planned for me. When challenged with cancer, I had the opportunity to study His Word for healing verses. When my heart was crushed by another, I built my knowledge of comforting verses. When my best friend passed unexpectedly, I sought verses to assume me the broken pieces of joy would return. Each experience enlarges and grows my relationship with Christ.

What other t actions can we take to build our God-nest?



  1. My immediate thought when I read this blog was the verse “He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you may seek refuge. (Psalm 91:4) Last year I watched the net coverage of the nesting eagles. How those mom and dad eagles cared for and sheltered their eaglets. And those nests. Just think of the size of eagles and then having mom, dad and maybe three eaglets in the next at the same time. Built to endure. Our relationship with Christ is more substantial and secure than anything He created. Wow! And He loves me. How can I do anything but praise His name?

  2. I thought about using that verse for this past Wednesday’s post: BUT thought I’d go with a similar verse that is rarely used from Ruth. Everyday I think, wow, HOW can He love this sinner? He’s soooo merciful.

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