Who has the BIGGEST heart?

Blue Whale

Blue Whale Skeleton Display, Santa Barbara Natural History Museum                      (Photo credit: Travis S.)

The Blue whale has the largest heart in the animal kingdom. At 1300 pounds, a human can fit inside. At 8-12 ounces, my heart is tiny.

But as a human, our heart capacity is HUGE compared to any animal, even the Blue whale. God gifted the ability for our hearts to grow with love, compassion and knowledge.

Do you use your heart to its God-given capacity? What actions in your life this week prove your heart is as big as a Blue whale’s?

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” – Proverbs 18:15 ESV



  1. Gail I love this information and analogy. Short but powerful. Wish my heart grew with love every day but I’m afraid I often feel it shrink with the stress and pain of life. My natural reaction is to hide when times get hard but I know that’s not what God desires. Love the verse you quoted and have memorized it.


    1. Ms. DiAne, I’m praying for you this day. I think it’s often my reaction to avoid hard things by hiding too but then I miss the lesson (and often the blessing) that God has for me. Hate it when I miss what He has for me!

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