Aliens Among Them

There is a spider that lives under water. That seems so wrong. Yet God made it right by giving the Diving Bell Spider the ability to create a bubble that acts as a lung. Because of the bubble, the spider is able to breathe underwater.

Pair of Diving bell spiders (♀ left, ♂ right),...

Pair of Diving bell spiders (♀ left, ♂ right), in aquarium at Wien Prater park in Vienna, Austria.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exodus 23:8-10 reminds us that as Believers we are aliens on this earth. Stick with me. I’m not talking about little green men. This is a sci-fi free zone.

Believers often just don’t fit. More and more when I’m in public, I find myself wary of those around me. When did cursing become publicly acceptable? In restaurants, in stores, and dare I say it, in church. Yes, even there, words slip like a greased pig.

Last week at lunch, I told a companion that I’d like to change tables. I wasn’t comfortable sitting next to a group of adults where every other word made me cringe. Thankfully, she felt the same.

We walked up to the hostess stand with our menus in hand. When I asked the young woman to move us, she asked if there was a problem. When I told her (nicely) that I wasn’t comfortable with the language being used by the people at the next table, she stared at me. After a few seconds of silence, she sighed and lead us to another table without a word.

I felt like a foreigner in a strange land. The unacceptable has become acceptable. The acceptable is shunned. And, like Job, I wonder, How long, Lord, will you look on? Rescue me from their ravages, my precious life from these lionsPsalm 35:16-18

There are times I long for Jesus to open Heaven’s door and welcome me. A place of peace. A place of goodness. A place of mercy. A place I will be at Home.

Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt. Exodus 23:8-10



  1. Amen- how I wish I could be that spider and blow a bubble around me! Good for you for standing up to your beliefs. I was waiting to get my car serviced and the TV was blasting a talk show with a subject I found offensive. After a few minutes I asked the other three people in the room if I could turn it off. All of them said yes, and thank you. So I got the auto tech to locate the remote and click it off. Sometimes we just have to. . .

  2. What a timely post, Gail. God told us this time would arrive and I don’t know why we’re surprised, but we are. ‘Bout all I watch on TV are the cooking shows and Fox News. Oh and the Inspiration channel. John Boy Walton never makes me uncomfortable. But we are aliens here, lest we forget.


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