What are you doing to avoid your enemy?

English: Dolphin Show

Dolphin Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dolphins often sleep with one eye open in order to remain wary of possible predators in their area.

As Believers, we should be just as aware of our enemy.  I know that I develop impatience in high traffic areas. In order to avoid my enemy, I often ignore the straight shot to a destination and choose a slower-paced residential area. It lacks traffic, stop lights and, for me, aggravation. Going the few miles out of my way means I arrive at my destination without the irritation.

Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13

Are you aware of your lurking enemy? How do you avoid it?



  1. Oh my goodness,Gail. Your arrow hit the mark in my heart this morning. And I confess it is sin. I go at such a pace that I’m sure there’s a bulls eye on my backside and I’m fair game for the enemy of my soul. Today I’ve already run laps in my mind of all that must be accomplished. Taking a longer, more peaceful road of travel never occurred. Until your words pierced my heart.

    I will step back, take a deep breath and ask God for a different route this day.”DiAne

    1. I wrote this post last week and TODAY it hit the mark for me also. God knew I’d need it MYself. Praying our roads level out today!

  2. I agree with Ms. Gates; I think this applies here too. I run at such a high pace I could keep up with Greyhounds! It helps to remember to keep an eye out for my predator and learn to take an easier route.

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