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Chase Day, Fan-tailed Warbler

IT WAS THE WORST, IT WAS THE BEST August 17, 2007 began as a normal day—for a birder. I sat by the window with breakfast and binoculars. Opened up my laptop, went to check the listserv for the latest bird sightings. I perused the Texas listserv. There was a report of the usual migrating August […]

Beaches, Birding, Belize (and a bit of Honduras)

My trip report for 10 days of beaches, birding, and Belize. With a 7-day cruise on the horizon, we tacked on 4 extra days of relaxation in Galveston, Texas before boarding the Carnival Magic. My traveling companion, my sweet mother, and I were pumped to go on our 4th cruise. In Galveston, we squeezed in […]

Chase Day: Evening Grosbeak

This morning as I recalled my first sighting of Evening grosbeak in 2005, I felt a surge of joy. Four of us drove straight through from Texas to Minnesota because that’s what addicted birders do (Life lister defined).  It was an irruptive year, a season when birds travel further than usual due to harsh weather […]

Chase Day – Antpittas and Cock-of-the-Rock

To calm a period of upheaval in my life, I started chasing* birds beyond my backyard. In 2011, after years of gathering a life list*, I had the chance to travel to the Mindo Nambillo Cloud Forest, a birding mecca for serious listers*. Since 2005, birders have flocked to Refugio Paz de las Aves. Why […]

Chase Day – Black-tailed godwit

Yesterday about 10 a.m. a Black-tailed godwit was reported in Texas. A first time record for Texas. Not only was I excited about it, I was relieved that it was within a 6 hour drive. I’ve been known to drive 9 hours, see a bird, turn around and go home. So, six hours? A cinch. […]