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What are you doing to avoid your enemy?

Dolphins often sleep with one eye open in order to remain wary of possible predators in their area. As Believers, we should be just as aware of our enemy.  I know that I develop impatience in high traffic areas. In order to avoid my enemy, I often ignore the straight shot to a destination and […]

How do Birds Create their Joyous Song?

Bird songs awaken me most every morning. It’s usually a Northern mockingbird with a varied repertoire mimicking other bird songs and sometimes even mechanical sounds. Occasionally, another bird beats the mocker to first place. On sunny mornings, a tiny Bewick’s wren perches on the branches of the nearly-dead shrub outside my bedroom window. His song […]

Do you have Camel-like Protection?

To protect them from blowing sand, camels have three eyelids. Its third eyelid is transparent, allowing the camel to see but still shielding the eye. God’s Word tells us we have a triple shield of protection also. When the sand storms pelt us, the Trinity provides much needed protection. As for God, his way is […]

Who Wins the Tug-of-War?

When an American Robin goes for an earthworm burrowing into the soil, the worm’s natural reflex is to eject its tail. So when the Robin pulls, it loses the tug-of-war. The worm remains safe and, over time, regrows its tail. Have you ever found yourself in a struggle? Did you feel a bad choice yanked […]

Aliens Among Them

There is a spider that lives under water. That seems so wrong. Yet God made it right by giving the Diving Bell Spider the ability to create a bubble that acts as a lung. Because of the bubble, the spider is able to breathe underwater. Exodus 23:8-10 reminds us that as Believers we are aliens […]

What is stronger than steel?

A strand of spider’s silk is five times stronger than steel. In my weakness, I chose grace. And, that grace is stronger than any evil force, stronger than any challenge I face today. In His strength, I rest. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect […]

How Do Ducks Stay Afloat?

We know ducks and geese float. We see them on streams, rivers and lakes. But how do they stay afloat when other birds, like the Magnificent Frigatebird, would sink on water? Ducks and geese have a special gland that produces oil. As a duck preens, oil spreads over its feathers. The oil coating makes the […]

Who has the BIGGEST heart?

The Blue whale has the largest heart in the animal kingdom. At 1300 pounds, a human can fit inside. At 8-12 ounces, my heart is tiny. But as a human, our heart capacity is HUGE compared to any animal, even the Blue whale. God gifted the ability for our hearts to grow with love, compassion […]

Do you slumber like a giraffe?

Has there been a time you functioned on an hour and a half of sleep in a 24 hour period? How bleary eyed would you be if you did this repeatedly each night? That is exactly what the giraffe does. And even that amount if broken into short durations of 5, 10 or 15 minutes.  […]

What Cancer did for me

Weavers are a family of birds that build various sizes of nests with entry holes facing downward. The Sociable Weaver’s nest may weight up to 1 ton. 1 ton.  Imagine it! To really appreciate all the variations of weaver’s nests, visit Amazing photos  When I see a weaver’s nest, I think of my life. Each […]