We know ducks and geese float. We see them on streams, rivers and lakes. But how do they stay afloat when other birds, like the Magnificent Frigatebird, would sink on water? Ducks and geese have a special gland that produces oil. As a duck preens, oil spreads over its feathers. The oil coating makes the […]

The Blue whale has the largest heart in the animal kingdom. At 1300 pounds, a human can fit inside. At 8-12 ounces, my heart is tiny. But as a human, our heart capacity is HUGE compared to any animal, even the Blue whale. God gifted the ability for our hearts to grow with love, compassion […]

IT WAS THE WORST, IT WAS THE BEST August 17, 2007 began as a normal day—for a birder. I sat by the window with breakfast and binoculars. Opened up my laptop, went to check the listserv for the latest bird sightings. I perused the Texas listserv. There was a report of the usual migrating August […]

The first time I joined an organized field trip with my local Audubon Society, I discovered a secret about being a birder. Great birders fall. Literally. Our eyes are on the skies and the tops of trees. We don’t focus on the pothole or the branch lying across the path, we watch the action above. […]

Has there been a time you functioned on an hour and a half of sleep in a 24 hour period? How bleary eyed would you be if you did this repeatedly each night? That is exactly what the giraffe does. And even that amount if broken into short durations of 5, 10 or 15 minutes.  […]

Weavers are a family of birds that build various sizes of nests with entry holes facing downward. The Sociable Weaver’s nest may weight up to 1 ton. 1 ton.  Imagine it! To really appreciate all the variations of weaver’s nests, visit Amazing photos  When I see a weaver’s nest, I think of my life. Each […]

The giant redwoods of California have a unique climate. Towering up to 300 feet, the canopy is touched by the fog from the Pacific Ocean. The tree crowns spreading up to 100 feet wide capture the nutritious moisture. Even though there is little summer rainfall in the area, one tree can absorb 1500 pounds of […]

I live near a Naval Air Station. From my patio,  I often watch jets and planes flying low as they come in for landing a few miles from me. If I happen to be inside and hear the noise of an approach, I run to the door and go out to admire the majestic aircraft […]

This calendar was originally published for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Please note that the world of organics is ever-changing with new products on the market. I suggest you find your local organic nursery and get to know the personnel, ask questions and know what Gardening Zone you are in to purchase your best plant selections. […]

My trip report for 10 days of beaches, birding, and Belize. With a 7-day cruise on the horizon, we tacked on 4 extra days of relaxation in Galveston, Texas before boarding the Carnival Magic. My traveling companion, my sweet mother, and I were pumped to go on our 4th cruise. In Galveston, we squeezed in […]